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Yamanashi Yoga & Nature Retreats
May • July • October
Fuji Feb 2023.HEIC

Lake Shibire Yoga & Hiking Retreat
—with Michael Glenn

May 19-21, 2023

Lake Shibire (四尾連湖) is a small Caldera lake located about 30 kilometers from Kofu. It is surrounded by beautiful nature with a trail leading to the peak of Mt. Hirugatake and further on to the Fuji Five Lake (富士五湖, Fujigoko) area. 

Our objective is an immersion in the tranquility of nature complemented by ample opportunity to develop your yoga practice. All activities, from the hiking to the yoga classes, will be tailored to your level. 


The retreat will take place at a minshuku (pension) next to the lake. We'll arrive on Friday afternoon, practice yoga, relax, and have dinner together. On Saturday, we'll start with a light yoga practice before hiking. You'll have options for the hike — a relatively brief two-hour walk up Mt. Hirugatake, or much further toward Lake Shoji ((精進湖 Shōji-ko). The excellent condition of the trail leaves open the option of trail running for those so inclined. We'll have a long yoga class on Sunday morning and will visit a unique local onsen and other local before heading home. 

If you are interested in participating, write to Michael using the contact button on this page. 


Yoga, Mountains & Good Company


Centered on the practice of yoga in the fullness of nature, Movement Evolution offers small-group retreats in Yamanashi Prefecture. In 2023, we have plans for three retreats.


Some retreats will include hiking and cycling; others will center on yoga and wellness classes held at local temples.

Accommodations range from campsites to mountain lodges and ryokan.


Each retreat introduces unique aspects of the local culture, such as cuisine prepared by local chefs using regional ingredients, and visits to some of the area's many beautiful onsen.

Accommodations at a historic 200-year-old Japanese house in the beautiful wine country of Koshu and other unique spots

At least one of our retreats in 2023 will be held at a historic house that sits in a hollow overlooking the farms and vineyards of Koshu. Yoga classes are conducted at a nearby temple and dinners catered by a local chef.


Trail Walking, Hiking & Cycling Expeditions


To accommodate different levels of fitness and hiking experience, we choose trails and mountains we hike rated for all levels of hikers. At the same time, we offer options for more experienced mountaineers.

The areas of Yamanashi where we hold our retreats have outstanding roads for cycling. We can accommodate anyone who wants to bring a bicycle.

Nozomi - Kentoku Climbing.HEIC

Unique Yoga Classes & Wellness Programs

Yoga classes will be conducted in local temples and outdoors at campsites. In addition to asana and pranayama, we offer programs focused on wellness and therapeutic modalities. For groups, we can tailor the content to individual interests. Contact us if you would like to inquire about about a privately organized retreat. 

Yoga in Kannon.HEIC


Bordering Tokyo to the east and Nagano to the northwest, Yamanashi is the home of many of Japan's best hiking and best-known mountains, including Mt. Fuji. More than a quarter of the prefecture's land area is designated Natural Parks. Movement Evolution conducts many of our retreats amongst the lush farmland of Koshu, Japan's wine country.

Details of our 2023 retreats will be posted by early spring.
For inquiries and reservations contact Movement Evolution.

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