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Movement Evolution.
No Boundaries.
For coaches, trainers and athletes, understanding and
optimizing movement is about finding the performance edge.
But elite athletes are not the only ones that benefit from better movement patterns. And kids are not the only ones who love climbing trees. Until you take the first step,
you have no idea how far movement will take you.
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Cross-Disciplinary Approach for Improving Strength, Coordination and Mobility

Our multi-disciplinary approach integrates gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts practices with functional human movement and kinesiology. We work not only with athletes to improve their performance, but also with fitness enthusiasts of every type focused on improving their health and conditioning.

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The Tokyo Handstand School is open to all. We teach everyone from elite athletes to dancers to 60-year olds with no sports background to stand, balance and walk on their hands. Most people can learn to handstand. If you’re reading this and are curious, the odds are good that you can, too.

Sports Camps, Training Courses and Retreats

Movement Evolution produces and supports the creation of events related to sports, fitness and health. We help U.S. national teams organize their training camps in Japan as well as create our own programs on topics ranging from sports performance to yoga and wellness. By working with sports organizations and local governments, we find unique facilities and opportunities all around the country. Contact us if you would like to have our support in producing your event in Japan.

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Humans, no matter their age, enjoy a better quality of life by improving their mobility and connecting movement to sports and play. 
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